Will old 1.3.5 skins work with v2.0?

Hello Guys

I’m about to potential create a heavily modded skin for a new shop and just want to know if I’ll have to do it again from scratch if I upgrade to v2.0?

So I’d like to know will old 1.3.5 skins work with v2.0?

Also, once v2.0 is complete what will be the process for upgrading?


The old 1.3.5 skins will not work with v2.0, the architecture has completely changed. The only thing which will be upgradable will be the database.

Oh dear - looks like I’ll be doing quite a bit of coding in the coming months…

Lucky for my own sites I took the decision to make as few changes as possible to the templates for this very eventuality.

My clients are a different matter however :frowning:

Good to see you guys got 2.0 launched today, good work :smiley:

We have made many changes in the “new vision red template” for v 1.3.5 (images, css and tpl files). Do you mean that we need to start from scratch???