Will Changing The Structure Of An Eshop Affect Seo?

Hello guys.

I recently took over the management of an e-shop.

The structure of the e-shop is bad, the products are kinda misplaced and some of them are in 2nd level categories, some in the 3rd, 4th and so on.

I know that we should have a “good” structure for seo that is like the following:

Homepage -> Category -> Sub-Category -> Product

This is a well optimized site architecture right?

What I want to ask is the following.

If we change the structure, rename some of the categories, create new ones and in general, make every change that is needed to create a well organized structure for seo, is it going to affect our current results in google?

I don’t know if I explained well my issue. If not, let me know and try to exlpain it with more detail.

Also, sorry for my english, it’s not my native language.

PS. I hope I just posted this topic in the correct section.

If the Structure is good, it definitely increases the SEO result. So you are saying your structure is bad. Just check your contents, If your contents were good and unique, it does not affect SEO.

So do some off-page factors SES, Website Review, Directories, Blog Commenting, Forums, Question, and Answer. It will help your website position get to improve on SERPs.

I think it will depend on if the changes affect how your URLs are formed. You may need to create 301 redirects to tell Google that the pages have moved so they don't lose ranking. Someone else who knows more about SEO can chime in here.

If you change the urls in addons/seo then you may change for instance




this will remove all your urls from google that move from cat 1 to cat 2

I have my set up like this say 2 category levels

www.mysite.com/cat1/subcat1/product.html for my categories

but for my products, I have just


this way I can move a product to anywhere and it doesnt affect the product crawl from an seo point of view.

It is easier to redirct a category to another category, instead of 301 lots of products