Will Call / Pickup Order - Disables With No Price In It

We have two categories on our shopping cart that should be FREE

1. Will Call - Pickup Order

2. Bill Shipping to your shipping account.

However If I don't put an amount in the setup it doesn't appear as a shipping option.

I put one cent as a cost so that it will appear, but that isn't good.

How can I make these options appear in shipping without putting a price in it?

You can either do a bit of custom development to handle your specific cases or look for an existing addon that will address your needs.

Unfortunately, the display of the method (and its price) is related to shipping cost. If a cost of zero is returned for a shipping method then that method is considered not valid (or unavailable) for that location.

Have you looked into setting up a free shipping promotion that will only apply to those categories and then have these methods be listed as the free shipping methods?

Thank you... I tried the promotion Idea. Thats works... I appreciate it.

it should work without promotions. Each shipping method has the "Use for free shipping" setting


Looks like it was disabled in your case