Will 3.0.6 run on PHP v5.2.X ?

I am currently running on PHP 5.3 but will be forced to move

to a new server running PHP 5.4

I am resisting an upgrade to 4.0.+

until it is as stable as my 3.0.6

My web host has offered server space

on PHP v5.2.X legacy machine.

Will 3.0.6 run on PHP v5.2.X ?

[color=#ff0000]******** CScart support indicated the answer is YES ******[/color]

Yes - reason you wouldn't believe the provider of the software?


luckily, all is well now.

I can reside on the legacy machine running PHP 5.2

for as long as I like.

Now I can afford to sit back and wait until 4.0.2 arrives.