Wierd error when trying to visit my site pages to check my work

I’m trying to convert my site from 3.xx to 4.0.3 and so far it’s been 1 step forward, 5 steps back with a lot of waiting for help.

Anyway, I am editing the links in my footer and when checking my store for link accuracy, I am now running into this error:

[quote]ErrorOops, something went wrong ([Exception… “” nsresult: “0x805e0006 ()” location: “JS frame :: https://www.site.com…61.js?ver=4.0.2 :: .send :: line 4” data: no]). Please try again.[/quote]

Anyone know what this is? sigh

Also in addition to the error, my chosen link font is no longer being displayed. It’s defaulted to something else.

Edit: it’s somehow mysteriously fixed itself. strange!

Ok correction on it fixing itself. It seems to start this when I try to visit our Contact Us page. It changes the link font and shows that error, then from there on when I click other links it behaves the same.

EDIT: I Unchecked Form uses SSL and it seems to have fixed it. But now this makes me wonder, will my chosen font not display on ANY of the secure pages?

I think (guessing) that you are referencing css remotely and when under https, you are not using a secure connection to your css.

How are you specifying your “link font”?

I was editing the fonts via Design > Themes > Customize, which opened the storefront with the left editing panel.

Note at the time of the error, I did NOT have checked “Keep HTTPS connection once a secure page is visited” in Settings > General. I do have this checked now.