Widget Urls

When I use widget mode in the latest version of CS-Cart 4.3.9, my urls use encoded slash separators -


example http://mydomain.com/chpt_-shopping_cart.php#!%2Fsheet-glass%2Farchitectural%2F1-2-crossreeded%2F

While this may be acceptable, it causes fits for our SEO and is bad url semantics. Is there anyway to correct this on CS-Cart platform? I know that there is a AllowEncodedSlashes On line that can be added to apache.conf. Would the apache.conf setting be the better route to handle this anyway?

I'm not seeing slashes being encoded on 4.3.9. Are you sure it's coming from the cart and not being encoded that way into the DB? Look at cscart_seo_names table to verify whether encoded values are stored in the db.

The cart urls display properly with slashes when not in widget mode. In widget mode, I tested different servers on different hosts all with the same result. When in widget mode I get coded slash separators in the url.

The cscart_seo_names table give proper seo names for cart pages, products and categories.

Btw, I even created a plain vanilla html file and dropped the widget script into that with the same resulting encode slashes in urls.

Looks like a bug. Please post it to the bug tracker