Why Your Products May Not Be Showing Up In Google

Google has been tightening up on “content scraping” recently. We've noticed a steady decline in the ranking of our product pages. Category pages are not affected.

In other words, don't simply copy and paste the product description from a manufacturer! Google will now tag this as duplicate content from another source (i.e; content scraping) and your SEO score will drop.

The trick is to take the manufacturer's description and re-word it enough to make it somewhat unique. It also may not hurt to use some regional tags. For example; “This widget is a best seller in Australia” - this ties the product to your country of sale, and adds a twist on the default product description at the same time.

Duplicate content is always going to hurt your website ranking in the SERP's. People who are serious about their online businesses and want to drive traffic from the search engines then perfect on page and off page SEO should be on top of their list. Google is continuously updating it's algorithm to improve the search engine user experience. Copy and paste work would get your website under Google's radar, trust me it hits so hard that it may take years to overcome.