Why when I look at incomplete orders does a cancelled order still show

I should like to keep cancelled orders on the system - rather than mark them as completed - but they should not be showing here.

Am I missing a trick?

From the manual:

[QUOTE]5.1.3 Incomplete orders

Use this item to see the list of incomplete orders. Incomplete orders are orders that

have one of the following statuses: ‘Open’, ‘Backordered’, ‘Failed’, ‘Declined’ and


I’m don’t like the way it’s handled… but it’s acting as designed.

[quote name=‘JerrysPaintball’]From the manual:

[/QUOTE]:eek: (Not the best eek smiley - seems more like really happy)

There is so much it does not cover that my start point has always been to try and work it out what is happening.

But thanks - I shall dig out the manual again.

(We need a wiki)