Why was my question not included?

sorry can’t answer question #1

I am not positive, but I “think” I saw a new entry on the support desk titled

“How to install CS-Cart on a local computer”

in a pdf format, so I imagine that the answer to your question is yes.

(I have not utilized this feature, as I simply setup a “test” domain on my server to setup test site)

Yes you can install on the hdd

and the instructions are on the help desk, you get access to the help desk when you buy the cart

I will try and install it on my hdd next week and see how it works

Before I bought cscart and registered i made various posts in the prepurchase area but they did not all appear - so it is not just yourself having problems.

I assumed that they were censored for some reason but there was nothing bad in them - just questions.

That happened to me too. I just chalked it up to that “unregistered” posts were moderated some how.

Maybe there is a bug in the system.

None of mine should have been censored.

It might have cost them my purchase and maybe is costing them others.

Yes, you can install CS-Cart on a local hard drive. It took me about 10 minutes. It’s all explained in a PDF once you purchase CS-Cart.

Thanks for your help. As you can tell I have now bought the software and have it installed on my PC. Now comes the changing of the site. Should be fun.:rolleyes:

[quote name=‘Unregistered’]I sent a question to this forum this morning and it still hasn’t appeared, why?[/QUOTE]

Late to this thread, but unregistered posts and posts to the “Why CS-Cart” forum always have been delayed. When I inquired a few times before our purchase, my posts never displayed until a day or three after.