Why is there nothing in my upgrade center if 2.1 has been released?

As the topic states, empty, refresh list and theres nothing.

Do I have to do a new install??

Do you have the license number inserted?

I don’t have it either ( do have license and ftp info). I think cs-cart may have suspended it due to issues.

Yep, everything is correct, but no upgrade options :frowning:

Guys, load your guns and point into the right direction tomorrow morning :wink:

A bug has been discovered in the upgrade. It has been pulled until it has been resolved.

Upgrading seems to be a constant issue. This is one area that is difficult to beta test without a formal process between cs-cart developers(and QA) and experienced and diverse cs-cart users. I wonder if cs-cart uses the upgrade center for the labs and demo versions or just re-installs a new version.

Using an online beta version or downloading and installing a full version of an upgrade and testing on a desktop will not discover any upgrade issues that most users will experience…