Why Is Cs-Cart Not Recording Ip In Fn_Log_Event()?

Hey all in our eternal quest to stay PCI compliant, we noticed that the CS-Cart admin logs don't show IP addresses for anything besides user (session) events.

Is this what you guys are seeing in your installs too? It looks like fn_log_event() is not putting in the serialized index for "ip_address" everywhere, which seems really strange considering /design/backend/templates/views/logs/manage.tpl is looking for IP cells. Its an easy fix, but its a file change that is another tick towards upgrade hell.

Is there some reason this is missing from the core? Perhaps it used to be in there and was removed?

Don't know if it used to be everywhere but you can avoid upgrade hell by using hook save_log to add it if its not already there.

If you think what this issue is related with PCI compliant, please post it to the bug tracker as a bug