Why dont i get auto-thumbnails?

In the admin, i have thumbnails enabled “create from detailed images”,

but this doesnt seem to work for me.

now when i add a product and upload the detailed image,

all is fine. i make sure the thumbnail image is empty (it shows the

no-image-available-image here).

Then, looking in the frontend i dont see a thumbnail, but the “no image available-image” instead of the auto-generated thumbnail.

what am i doing wrong?

GD is enabled (and i checked with phpinfo()).

CS-Cart 1.3.3-sp2

PHP 4.4.2

MySQL client 3.23.50

Apache2.2.3 (Win32)

Windows XP

On the detailed information tab, you are uploading the " Popup larger image:" first.

once you upload this, it should appear in both image boxes.

As per my image


wow! i knew it was u user-thingy instead of a tech-thingy!

Thanks a million! i’ll never forget it now :slight_smile:

are you adding as the ‘pop up larger image’?

gee, went out to walk the dog…remarkably, sometimes this forum can move at dizzying speeds!

What are the key features and version numbers you must have to have the auto thumbnails work?

I’ve got an apache server running php 4.1.2 and gd support, but when i try to upload the “pop up larger image” first to have thumbs auto-generated my screen just freezes and nothing happens.

Also, on a side note, why does CS create another image file when I have already uploaded a file? Ie: I upload a file say named pic1.jpg, then I go into the “images” section, click server, browse to the image, choose it, save and then look in that directory and there’s my pic1.jpg file AND a file of the same image with a whacked name like pic1AR58HY386KUFH.jpg. Anyone notice this?


I dont even know where my files are, they said they are in the db. It reminded me of poltergeist films.

Sounds like your server has an issue with GD. if the page stops loading.

The reason they create a new image, is so you cant overwrite a product image with another product image.

Imagine how many ppl may upload pic1.jpg to their server. If the image has the same name it will get overwritten, and suddenly the old product and new product now have the same image…not good.

They do this for name uniqueness.

[quote name=‘StrangeRanger’]

Also, on a side note, why does CS create another image file when I have already uploaded a file? [/QUOTE]

its not “another” file…its just another name, to make sure its a unique name as ET says…

A thumbnail could also be generated from the detail-image on the client-side,

but the makers didnt choose for this.

pro: no GD library needed (done with javascript preload and resizing)

con: heavier pages

but it IS an option in case no GD is installed…

It’s just not in CS-Cart.

Ok, that logic makes sense, “renaming” the file like that. But here’s another riddle for you: In CS-Cart the “thumbnail images” are stored in images>product_images and the “detailed images” are stored in images>detailed_images. Let’s assume I have a wacky boss who named his thumbnails and detailed images the same thing for some stoopid reason, but has them stored in different locations on his current site that we are moving away from. But even though I want to do the following:

Upload thumbs>pic1.jpg to images>product_images

Upload big_pics>pic1.jpg to images>detailed_images

For my thumbnail and detailed pop up image respectively from the images page on the product entry screens, why does CS-Cart choke and halt? Any ideas? Thanks,


[quote name=‘StrangeRanger’]Let’s assume I have a wacky boss…[/QUOTE]

get another boss?

nah, seriously, i dont know, probably because i dont “get” the whole story.

why dont you come site next to me and show me? i live in holland b.t.w…

the only thing that i can say is that if your page chokes as you say its

most likely GD.

No error messages etc?

Whats your conf?

Anyone else?

whats a GD?

Sorry Tail.

That is the engine that is needed on the webserver to generate thumbnails

(or other graphical needs).

Its called the GD library:

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and is needed for CS-cart to generate thumbnails from detailed images.

no error msgs at all. And what in the conf file do you want to know about?