Why Doesn't My Category Work Anymore?

If you go to [url=“http://store.commoto.com/ducati-store/”]http://store.commoto.com/ducati-store/[/url], you will see a right sidebar. One of the links on the sidebar is Hyperstrada. Whenever I click it, I get taken to a page that says the URL has been rewritten. I haven't redirected this page. Everything is ok in the backend of CS Cart. Any idea what happened?

Something wrong with your cscart_seo_names database table.

Search the 'name' field for “hyperstrada” and check the ID reference in the database with what you can see in the admin - edit the category in the admin and see if the ID in the URL is the same as the ID in the seo_names database table.

I checked the ID in both places and they match. I did restore the database from the other day, but Hyperstrada was working then. Do you think the restore affected the Hyperstrada category? I also noticed some products under Ducati and Triumph are no longer there either such as exhaust, bodywork, etc.