Why do I need to provide personal ID info to purchase CS-Cart?

Hello CS-Cart team,

After I submitted order for CS-Cart, I received the following msg to ask for my sensitive ID information for verification. This is a very unusual request for a customer who purchase your product. I have strong concern about sharing my credit card info and sensitive ID information (with birthday data) to a thrid party as you can understand that if my information was leaked to the wrong hand. It will be a desaster for my credit. Can anyone explain why you need ID info?



Dear Tao

Thank you for purchasing CS-Cart shopping cart software.

Elements of your account require that we be supplied with a copy of a legal photo ID for your accounts credit card holder. This ID can be a driver license, passport or other legal photo ID provided by a local or federal government. Providing CS-Cart with this ID will help complete the verification process. We would prefer this be uploaded to your personal File area in this Customer Help Desk. Please inform us after it is uploaded.

We look forward to your reply.

Thank you.


Please do not reply to this email as it will go to an unmonitored account.

Please log in our Customer Help Desk and submit your reply on the

“Communication” page.


Sincerely yours,

Alex Vinokurov


I never had to do anything like that. Its probably something you did during the ordering process. Perhaps you mistyped the billing address and they need to verify the card or something. I’m guessing your order flagged some sort of fraud prevention flag and they are just trying to verify you are who you are.

As for the forums, i would suggest you contact CS-Cart directly. I’m sure they read the forums, but it might be faster to contact them directly by email or the helpdesk system.

Good Luck!

Already sent msg to both CS-Cart and this individual. Still waiting for the direct reply…

I am the first time buyer and there was no mistyped info.

very interested in finding out that if this is a company policy or an individual act.

I left my phone num, contact address, web address and credit card info. what else is he going to verify?

this is not a common business practice. There got to be an explaination.

Hello Tao

In some instances a manual verification of identity occurs in which the customer is contacted to supply proof of his/she identity. We need to be sure that we protect our customers, that check is a part of our antifraud verification. As you know, credit card number stealing is a very serious problem nowadays.


Hello Alex,

What make you believe that my information is not correct? I left my phone number, contact address, credit card info that went through ‘verified by Visa verification process’ on 2CO where you sell the software. Most importantly, I left my business web address that will use your product. Do you think that anyone will use a stealing credit card to buy sth and use it on a long term business website?

If you were a customer who is asked to send a photo ID to a company that has no contact phone number, address, are you going to send it?

I have two options left:

!)I am leaving my land based phone num, cell num and address to you for verification, you can verify the phone num by searching the local yellow book and my name should be on it with my land based phone num.

2)I can also fax my driver license (with my name and US address) to your fax num (my birthday info, license num info will be blocked). need your fax number.

If you think this is not enough, forget it, go ahead and cancel the order, because it will convince me that you have different plan to use my personal ID info.


Tao Qin

Phone nums and address already posted to you directly


I just want to add a quick update to everyone on where I am in this Saga. I received a fax num from CS-Cart (fax: 007-8422-525923 in Russia) contact Alex.

I made about ten tries on 12/11 morning and tried to fax my driver license over, initially there was no fax tone nor even phone tone, After I e-mail back, I start to get fax signal but another side always failed in the middle of transmission. Because I tried two high quality copy machines from my office, I believe that CS-Cart side has some technical issue with their fax machine (it may even not be a dedicated fax machine, who knows).

I believe that I have made enough effort on this matter and have concluded that it is not worth to continue to spend time on it. I have even more doubt on their customer commitment.

I also found out that CS-Cart already made charge on my credit card which is very ironic given the CS-Cart contact told me that they are in the middle of ‘order check’ to verify my identy.

This first hand experience will be shared and I won’t recommend anyone to buy CS-Cart. I am glad that I reached to this decision before putting my business on top of this vendor.

For those of you who is using the application, good luck and be cautious with who you are depending on.


Sorry to hear about your problems. Hard to believe. CS-Cart helpdesk always very helpful.