Why Can't I Post to Other Forums?

I’m a potential CS-Cart customer (and will likely buy multiple licenses on behalf of my web design clients). But I’m running into some technical issues and would like to post queries in the relevant forums. However, this forum (“Why CS-Cart”) seems to be the only one I can post to; I get an “unauthorized” error on the others, despite the fact that I have a CS-Cart forum login and password.

I love the fact that I get 60 days to evaluate a fully functional product. The license fee isn’t bad and I will happily become a CS-Cart fanboy if it works out for me. But if I can’t get my technical issues resolved, and prove to myself that CS-Cart will work the way I need it to, I cannot become a customer.

So, what’s the best way to ask questions about functionality and customization, as well as get issues resolved?


Hi rb-scott,

You cannot post in other forums due to the overwhelming amount of spam we receive across all boards. If you are not a “genuine cs-cart license holder” then please state this when you post (to make things easier for me)

Kind regards,

Jesse-Lee Stringer

You should be able to submit to the “CS-Cart” Trial forum, unless things have now changed, like Jesse said we did get a hell of alot of annoying spam.

I have purchased cs-cart, but still can’t post to any other forums.

How does a current license holder get permission to post?

I tried several times, and finally resorted to contacting support with my questions, but probably could have gotten them answered in the forum instead of bothering support if I was allowed to post.


Lewis Poteet

PS I have my site up and running and am very pleased so far with cs-cart. I had a few small problems getting everything setup and working, but that is to be expected, and it was a whole lot easier than other products I have used in the past.

I had the same problem and had to go to bow low to support befor they activated me for the whole forum. So, there is no way to avoid this here…