Why Are You A Developer?


I have a personal question that I ask to myself and you will find the answer below and I would like to ask you all also, and if you have the pleasure to answer or if you have any answer please reply. thank you

For me, development is a door to all the things that you cannot do in real life, is freedom and also a very good opportunity to fulfill others their dreams, even if the customer's dreams is a cart flying :grin:
I never like it because makes good money or because is a good job, for me so far was the perfect tool to meet great people and help them in their journey.

CS-Cart really help me to become free and to build my business, Thank you very much

Keep on smiling,

Valentin Dragan

Part of Hungryweb

1) I like solving problems

2) I like being able to make a difference to someone else's life (make their life easier or more profitable)

3) I can work independently and choose what I want to focus on.

4) I get to see tons of interesting ideas based on requests

5) I've been in software development/engineering for so long that I don't know how to do anything else! :-)

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