Wholesale Order Entry Account & Management Module

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We have a project we’re trying to find web designers and programers fluent in Cs-Cart and WordPress to get done for us… Basically, we’re trying to integrate a password-protected wholesale module into our existing retail site www.jbn.com.

Part of this project requires the design a web product page that displays our products by category with links to their dedicated pages with all the product features and descriptions. However, the pricing the wholesaler sees will be different from the retail price that the general public sees.

Here is the scope of the project and the features we’re looking to implement.:



Have a password protected module integrated into the current JBN retail website (www.jbn.com) that will allow wholesale accounts to login, place product orders, and have their orders shipped to their locations. It will be a separate module from our retail part of the site, but tied into the same cs-cart shopping cart module. Module must allow order payment via credit card, paypal, or googlepay


  1. Must be functional from all types of mobile internet devices.

  2. Must contain an application/user form with name, address… etc fields

  3. Must be password protected. Only the wholesale accounts will have access to this module

  4. Must be able to e-mail a copy of the order and invoice to wholesaler

  5. Must allow us to set and display different pricing for the same products url’s. (The special pricing is only displayed to the wholesalers when they’re logged in). We would also need the ability to set and display different pricing for different wholesalers (ex. - Wholesaler “A” would get 20% off retail, but wholesaler “B” may get 30% off retail.)

  6. Shipping charges via UPS must be customizable depending on the following contingencies:

    a. A flat rate

    b. sliding scale based on percentage of monetary expenditures

    c. By weight and destination

    We will decide and need to be able to change these shipping options depending on the wholesaler we are dealing with

  7. Order Tracking capabilities

  8. After wholesaler is established and in good standing with us, the ability/option to purchase items on account (net 20 or 30) through the module

  9. The ability to generate and issue RA (Return Authorization) codes and have partial/full payment credited back to wholesaler. Another option to explore in this feature would be to by able to add a monetary credit to the wholesaler’s account for returned items valid for future purposes (like store credit)


  10. jbn.com uses Cs-Cart technology integrated into WordPress. The Cs-Cart software drives the main e-commerce functionality of the site, while WordPress is used for the informational side.

  11. The site has it’s security certificate through Verisign

  12. Payments are processed through a third party vendor

    Please note: An outside marketing company built and are currently hosting the jbn site. You will be working closely with/through them on this project.

    Please get back to me if anyone is interested. I’d be happy to talk to anyone to answer/clear up any question they you may have.

    Thanks :smiley:

Without knowning the interaction/interrelationship of cs-cart/wordpress, it would be very difficult to quote you what you are looking for.

Most everything you discuss is available in standard cs-cart. I.e. require a login, have separeate pricing for users in diffierent user groups, etc.

So I’m guessing that it’s the wordpress side that is causing you difficulty?