Whole night Error to the CS cart ?

Hi guys,

We are experiencing a bad time on using CS cart tonight.

Can't visit the front site and hardly log in the admin panel.

When we log in update the order. there is a message “Oops, something went wrong (error). Please try again.”


Would love to help you but with this little info there is not much we can say.

Did is just happen? Did you change something to your config that made this happen? etc.

If can can hardly login this means you can still login sometimes which means it's not a configuration setting so it's probably a problem with your hosting.

This usually indicates a PHP error on the server. Suggest you look at your PHP error_log file and see what it is and correct it.

Did you just upgrade from one version to latest?

thank you, guys, for your coming to this post

the problem is automatically fixed. i do not why.

but just got a feeling that CS Cart the latest version is not stable.

I actually did nothing to the PHP file or code editing.

thank you again