Who Wants Money to Recover My Images?

Hi everyone,

Well, I’ve had better days.

So long story short…while transfering files for a 2.0.10 - 2.0.12 upgrade, I lost probably 2000 images from the. /images/ directory. This specifically includes the subdirectories /images/thumbails/, /images/product/, images/detailed/ and images/category/. All of the files in these directories are needed. So I contacted Cyberlnce…which are great by the way…I asked if they could restore these files from last week. They said they did but sill short many images.

Just wondering if since these files were from the 2.0.10 version would they not be compatible for some reason with the 2.0.12 upgrade? It’s like I have the requested files but they’re just not showing up.

Kind of lost and lots of heartache here…any help would be greatly appreciated

The problem took place while backing up and then transferring the files.



Why crossposting?


Sorry bout that Norman…won’t happen again.

Think I got the problem solved with the help of Cyberlnc. These guys are great!


[QUOTE]Sorry bout that Norman…won’t happen again.[/QUOTE]

Now you have really done it Stu, you woke up Noman!

God have mercy on you! :twisted: