Who uses CreSecure? Would love to see examples on an actual CS Cart website

I think we are leaning towards using CreSecure to avoid the expense of quarterly PCI compliance scans and so forth. I realize there is a fee involved but in the long run I just know I’d be sleeping better at night. One less headache all the way around.

So with CreSecure I imagine we’d still need to use Authorize.net as our gateway and FirstData as the processor (unless there are other recommendations).

I see there is a downloadable CreSecure module now available for CS Cart. REALLY glad to know this. But wondering if it truly does give the visitor the feeling they never left your site?

Is the module easy to implement in the CS Cart?

While it appears to use iFrames I was wondering if any customers have reported issues with entering their CC information on a Mac, Firefox - Safari, Opera and Chrome, into that iFrame area and not having it work?

Someone I see had reported this issue earlier but it was awhile back. Since then it may have been corrected. Just curious. :)

I also notice that Authorize.net offers FULL Tokenization with CreSecure but FirstData says NONE. Is this an issue and what happens if I use the one that doesn’t offer it? Are there extra charges to be incurred?


Anyhow would really like to see examples of websites that have incorporated CreSecure into their own CS Cart before we commit to that end of things.

Lastly would love to hear about your experience with CreSecure overall. Much appreciated!


I have used Cresecure since CS-Cart first came out with the mod. I use it with PayLeap. If you go to Cresecure.com, you will see all the Gateways that it works with. First Data and Authorize.net are listed. I do think that Authorize.net has their own hosted gateway and you may want to look into this. I don't use tokenization, not sure what it or if I even need it. PayLeap does have tokenization. The gateway associated with Cresecure does not have to be supported by cs-cart. PayLeap was just added to cs-cart, but I used them for almost a year. The Cresecure module is integrated with cs-cart already. You have to set up an account at Cresecure, which would include the gateway you choose and then add information from Cresecure into the Cresecure cs-cart mod.

In generally, it works well. I did have problems when PayLeap upgraded. Evidently, the CS-cart mod is developed with whatever the parameters are at the time. The cs-cart Cresecure mod is suppose to work with any supported Cresecure gateway. When PayLeap upgraded to version 2.0 from 1.0, I had problems. Different information was passed from PayLeap to to the cs-cart mod. The problem was solved. PayLeap, Cresecure, CS-Cart support worked together and made the necessary modifications to the cs-cart Cresecure mod. No problems since. I still feel there is a disconnect somewhere after changes are made either at the gateway or Cresecure.

There is an additional cost involved, but I decided I did not want to deal with PCI issues. I only use hosted payment methods: PayPal, PayPal Express, Amazon Payment and Credit Card via Cresecure. I also decided to stop using the Intuit Payment services via QuickBooks, from my home computer. If processing from home, you need to comply with strict PCI rules, just as much or more than you do at a website, including having your home router/network scanned quarterly.

I also have SSL for additional protection and for other areas of the cart such as the My Account section of cs-cart.

Like anything else, using Cresecure makes sense for some people and not for others. I have a very low volume website and it works for me may, but may not make sense for others.