Whitespace Bug In Google Analytics Add-On

We recently discovered a strange (change/bug) in the CS Cart v4.1.2 core Google Analytics add-on, and was hoping for a little insight as to whether or not this is actually a bug we can fix or an intentional change made in v4.1.2.

In v3.0.4, when the GA add-on makes the call to GA during a transaction, it encodes the URL similar to this:


By using the “%20” ASCII whitespace notation, the call to GA results in our product looking like so:

The Grapes Of Wrath

This is what it should do. However, in v4.1.2, the GA call looks something like this:


By using the “+” to concatenate the words of the title (product) together, GA now reflects this as a transaction for a completely different product:


Obviously we don't want the product being reported to GA any differently then how it has in the past. Is this a bug, or was this introduced intentionally? If it was intentional, what was the rationale behind it that I may need to take into consideration before hacking it in order for it to report correctly to GA?

I can confirm the above.