White Screen on v4?

I installed [color=#000000]CS-Cart: version [/color]4.0.1 ULTIMATE on my shared sever but ran into a problem setting up two secured checkouts (SSL) with my host. So, I upgraded to a VPS.

The site is live. I can actually created a test folder off the root (ie: /test with a fill called test.html) and can access it (ie: mysite.com/test/test.html).

I had copied all of the files from my old host and uploaded them to the public_html of my new host. I also then created a new database and exported the old database into it. Everything I would have done with a 3.0 move.

I can go into my site and type something like "[url=“http://lehmannresearchgroup.com/index.php?version=”]http://mysite.com/index.php?version=[/url] and it tells me “CS-Cart: version 4.0.1 ULTIMATE” so it can see the cart… yet the entire page is WHITE. Even the CS-Cart favicon shows up, but nothing else. Very strange.

I can go to mysite.com/install.html and it will allow me to run an install. I do not want to erase the old cart with all the old products. I’m trying to avoid running the install.

Has anybody else tried to move a 4.0 cart to a new host? Didn’t know if this was a bug? Like I said, I’ve also cleared the cache inside /var and I have checked the PHP settings in WHM and everything matches at least the 3.0 requirements (not sure what the 4.0 requirements are).

I’ve written the helpdesk but they are pretty backed up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated it.

Here is my site.