White border around vendor items (picture problems)

Hi there,
We want a simple thing: to make images look like on Instagram, so square and without white borders.
We have installed this add-on

It creates square images but if one uploads a horizontal image, it becomes square not through getting cut or zommed in, automatically or manually, but through adding horrible white borders to make it “fake square”.
We also tried this add-on but it does not allow us to restrict the vendor to save only 1:1 ratio pictures, it offers any kind of picture crops.

And we need to simply allow all vendors to save only 1:1 square pictures of their items without white borders.
We are a start-up and got all offers from 1000 to 10.000 USD to fix this problem, which we do not have. Has anybody fixed this by yourself or through a cheaper add-on?.. Any help would be appreciated!