Which payment gateway for a store based in New Zealand

We are looking to have direct credit card processing on our store but most of the payment gateways require a US based shop. Can someone help us out to find a way set this up with cs cart ? We thought about authorize.net but it seems to be a hell to setup and its still unclear to us if we can sign up.:???:

Take a look at worldPay.

way to much fees they must be crazy

Hi Aaly,

I bank with the St George Bank (Otherwise known as Bank SA) here in AUS,

Personally I’m using paypal for my two stores and that seems to be fine apart from the fees obviously however I did find these payment processors you might be interested in.


As you can see there are many merchants to choose from, some more expensive then others. If you’re in doubt to what currency options they can provide contact your bank to see if they have any options to offer you.

Besides they’ve already got your account and would hate to see you go elsewhere if their fees are too high for your liking :wink:


We have developed a PayMate module to suit our local conditions.