Which page to edit when 'search' returns no results?

I just found a new error that was ported over when the we upgraded one of our sites. It is within the search results when nothing is found. So in the old version I am guessing that I edited something, some place and now I need to find it in the new version.

Does anyone know which templates show up when you do a search and you get no results? I went through all the “blocks” but it was not in there.

If you want to see the page I am speaking of please PM me and I will post the link. I don't really want to post it here.

Do you know which page/template is being used when there are NO search results?

Wouldn't it be


or possibly the hook that is in that file named “search:search_results”

Any idea where the hook that is in that file named “search:search_results” is? I've tried to look in “my_changes” but I do not see anything called “search_results”.

I didn't find anything in…


I've looked through a lot of files but I cannot seem to figure out where it ported the unwanted html/text over from 1.3.5. I would leave it there, but when our site was upgraded we lost a ton of our links so the links that are located there take a customer to an error page.

I would expect other addons like “quick_search” to utilize that hook. Hence it would be in it's directory structure (or others). Approach would be to use a higher position for your my_changes and then do a 'pre' or 'post' for whatever changes you want to make. If my_changes runs at a lower position, then an override by another addon could wipe out any 'pre' or 'post' you've done. Addons are sorted by 'position' before being run by the template engine. So a higher position means it runs later in the process.

Remember that hooks apply to any addon. My_changes is just a placeholder for people to use versus modifying distributed addons which would kind of defeat the purpose of using a hook in the first place.

I still have not been able to figure this one out.

Below is a link to where the error occurs:


The part that I'm trying to figure out where it is “planted” is…


It is old text that was brought over from CS 1.3.5 sp4 but now only shows up when you search for something that we do not have in our store.

Any ideas?

No idea. I would start by trying to find where the static content “Maybe one of these areas can help you find what you want…” is being generated from and then that will probably give you an idea of where it's pulling the junk data from.

Well, it took a while, but the info was ported over from 1.3.5 in the “language” area. The alt-team ended up finding it and here is their note…

“Please check/update the “text_no_matching_products_found” lang var”

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