which MYSQL table has...

hi all, which table has the data for the country time zone,? cs cart dosnt support +13 hours (GMT) for us here in new zealand so we are always out one hour. was thinking of adding an extra line if possiable?

which table also has the stats that support visitors? we have a day with 1000’s of his and want to remove this.

we have tried to export to search the data, but database is too large now

thanks Craig

reporti it in the Bug tracker so they can fix it or…

move to Australia :wink:

Noman, I see, is helpful as usual.:???:

2 tables for timezone: cscart_settings_variants and cscart_setttings_descriptions

As for the statistics, if you don’t want to keep having to clear it and you want your site to run even better then turn statistics off. Otherwise you can clear the statistics via the backend.

Half the Maori’s are over in OZ anyway Norm, would rather stay here :stuck_out_tongue: . Oh… too many fires also.