Which cs-cart cache system has to choice

hello everyone. i have multi vendor 3.0.6

For big store. like category 3000 , product 70,000 , languge 12.

SERVER. 3.4 4CORE(maximum 8core) 8GB/RAM ,128SSD

which cache system is best for loading speed?

and can i use or made my own cache system?

SQLITE IS BETTER THEN “file” or “mysql” cache system?

-----i set as “file” now and sometimes i changed to “mysql” NOTHING CHANGE.

someone tell me ?

i have problem for sub category loading speed …tooks long.

please help me guys please.

Using mysql will simply use the same mysql database to cache the site…where is the benefit in that? Nowhere really.

SQLite is your best option. I found shmem used to be excellent too for sites with lots of product options and features, but the shmem cache type was removed from 3.0.2+.

There is nothing stopping you creating your own cache method if you know how to. Have you considered something like Lightspeed, Varnish or Nginx?

you are so so great and nice person stellarbytes.

so you mean cs-cart can not use APC OR MEMCACHE?

i TRY TO SOLVE this problem with other way. sqlite is for small shop.

as i mentiond i have a lot of product and categories. and languges.