Which blocks are these?

Can anyone help me how to get these blocks for my custom collection pages/layout?!

I also want to add short moving images (videos?) as seen with unitheme I just dont know which blocks I need to select to get this working?!

We are using thin theme for now!

Hi. I think these are called (we use UniTheme) AB: Banners - they might have the same name in your theme (excluding the AB part).

Thanks - is there a website where we can look at what every banner, block etc actually looks like in the end?

It is so much work to go thru every one of them to check which is the right for us! So many settings and options and you never know the outcome

Sadly, the only way to test it is on your on store - at least if you also have a stagin/testing installation like we have, then you don’t have to work on a live store.