Whether Changing Domain Name Require Support Credit?

Hi Community Members, I wanted to change my existing domain name to another, as I learnt I must place request in 'Customer Help Desk', now that I have kept my 30 days support credit intact in the anticipation that I need those support credit in future, so if I place a request for domain change now, does my 30 days support credit will start to count? Thanks a lot in advance.

This type of question should be done via the helpdesk. We can't address cs-cart policies here.

Dear Community Members, regarding to my thread here on forum I contacted Simbirsk Technologies Ltd and Mr. Alexander Blokhin a employee of Simbirsk Technologies Ltd sent me a mail stating, “Please, let me explain. Such requests do not fall under our technical support service. Thus they are free of charge.”

I just wanted to share my experience with domain change matter with all other members, hope this help some one in same situation.