Where Will The Payment Icons Be Stored

Hi guys

The payment icons at the bottom of every page of my website, do you know where the code is pullng these from?

I tried to use Developer Tools to find out. I can see that it is CSS controlled, but can't find where the actual logos are stored so I can add some.

The website is digitalsave .co .uk

The icons I'm trying to change are the ones in the black bar at the bottom of every page.

This is the code controlling them


I want to add a maestro logo and a JCB logo so it call pull these through. Thanks.


they are set via sprite image in CSS code - http://www.digitalsave.co.uk/theme_additonal/media/images/icons/payments.png

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WSA team

As far as I can see, maestro already supported (it exists in the image and there is the corresponding class in the css file). But JCB logo cannot be added quickly