Where To Put The Bing Uet Code (Conversion Tracking)


I am new to Bing ads and I only have very little html knowledge, so when Bing stated that

"Paste the UET tag tracking code on every page of your website or on the master page, either in the head or body sections. In the image, the UET tag is pasted at the top of the body section of the webpage."
I am not sure what it mean by "master page" and how to apply to every page.

So where should I paste the tracking code.

Thank you for you guys help.


You can create Smarty/HTML block in block manager (Design > Layouts > Default tab). Usually such a code placing to the footer section.

hi,thank you for yor help, the html/smarty not working But the htmlblock working fine, thank you

You are welcome. Forgot to say that in order to use html/smarty you need to wrap javascript code to the {literal}...{/literal} tags in order to escape compilation.