Where to put override customer invoice template v4.6

Using v4.6.2
I need to modify the template of the invoice that gets emailed to the customer. Specifically, I need to change the colons at the end of the Order Date, Payment and Shipping lines.
I assume I need to use the hook - orders:invoice_order_status_info.
I plan on using a xxx.override.tpl file

But I am not sure whether it should go in my_changes / hooks / orders
or in my_changes / hooks / mail
or somewhere else

What Email templates mode do you use ? Old one?

I think so. I’m trying to make adjustments to the Ship To part of the layout in the email notification to the customer.

mail > template > order_notifcation.tpl which consists of:

I think I need to override the invoice.tpl in same folder. If that is correct, then where do I put the override tpl?
The issue I am trying to solve is that spaces and the colons are missing

For example, instead of First Last it is FirstLast
and instead of ORDER DATE: 02/26/2024 it is ORDER DATE02/28/2024

Please use




I tried a simple modification using
but it did not show up in the emails for my test orders.
My order emails are missing spaces in the notification and the customer name. And, they are missing the colon and a space after the ORDER DATE, PAYMENT and SHIPPING line items in the header.


It is required to examine issue on your server. I never faced such a problem

@ecomlabs already asked, and you didn’t sound sure, but it’s important to know if you’re using the old or new mail template system. Settings->Appearance->Email templates mode:

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Settings > Apperance > Email templates mode = New (nice and editable via admin panel)

The subject line is:
{{ company_name }}: {{ __(“change_order_status_d_subj”, {“[order]”: order_info.order_id}) }}

and the template is:
{{ snippet(“header”, {“title”: __(“change_order_status_d_subj”, {“[order]”: order_info.order_id}) } ) }}
{{ __(“dear”) }} {% if order_info.firstname %}{{ order_info.firstname }} {% else %} {{ __(“customer”) }} {% endif %},

{{ __(“change_order_status_default_text”, {“[status]”: order_status.description}) }}

{{ include_doc(“order.summary”, order_info.order_id) }}
{{ snippet(“footer”) }}

That makes a huge difference. You shouldn’t be editing templates at all. Instead, go to Administration->Notifications->Documents

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I don’t have Notifications as an option under Administration.
I have Design > Documents
which has the following documents. But, they don’t look like
Gift certificates: default
Order summary
Packing slip
Suppliers: invoice

I also have Design > Email templates
with items like
Order Notification: Open
which looks exactly like the file _email_template.order_notification.d from my earlier post.

In this case check snippets under the Invoice document. If they do not contain spaces, add them manually