Where to modify IN STOCK : OUT OF STOCK showing?

When we track product inventory relate to product options such as size, It’s look seem display different from track inventory WITHOUT product option related.

I can modify product stock status of tracking inventory WITHOUT related to product option to show status just “IN STOCK” instead of “2 item(s)” correctly.

But when I set tracking inventory related to product option, it’s show “2 item(s)” the same not just show “IN STOCK” as I need. It’s look seem must to modify in another place.

My propose is not to show how much I have in stock. Just to show I have it in stock.

Please see picture

I want to show in stock status “in stock” instead of “2 item(s)” RELATED to OPTION INVENTORY tracking.

Where should I modify this and how?


See this post:



Wow Thanks! I have already done it. Thank so much.