Where to find the relative link

Ever since the first version of CS cart I have been struggling with this. I am using CS-cart 2 and I have just created a new link in the Design > Top menu and a new page in Content > Pages but I need to find the relative link for the page so I can add the url to the menu item.

Where can I find this relative link?



I just view my page and then copy/paste the URL over.

So if your page is at your-domain.com - This website is for sale! - your domain Resources and Information. just copy over the your-page.html part.

Is that what you mean?



No not exactly. When I do that I get into trouble. I need something like index.php?dispatch=pages.view&page_id=10 but I don't know where to find the ID number of the new page. I have tried a few differenet numbers and they either show an already existing page or a 404.

Just look in the URL when editing the page in the admin you will see the id

Hmm, maybe you don't have SEO enabled or something.

In the admin, you should see something like:


The 6 is the number you want.

So, you'd want something like:


I hope that helps,


The solution given by solesurvivor did the trick. Man I have been struggling with this for years and feel a bit stupid seeing as how easy the solution is :-( .

Thanks to all who helped with this now I can move on a start tweeking further :grin: !!!