Where to edit css once joined?

I edited my config.local to join_css true, so where do I made css changes now? I made some changes in base & style & the changes didn't reflect on the site (cleared cache, etc. & still not showing).


Styles and hooks no modify original

I believe you still modify the original css files and then clear your site cache so the “joined” css file is recreated. The browser should see that the modification time is different and then update itself with the changes.

Hi Brennie,

The combined file will be recreated in your var/cache for professional edition it may be in var/cache/templates/css

When the combined file is created the file name is encoded from date/times of origin files (eg. style_c_4847e8843d92.css), so the filename will be different and you will not have any browser cache issues. Any changes to original files or my_changes css file will result in a new css file.

Clearing CS-Cart cache should cause the cached css file to be regenerated, if not try deleting the css file from cache directory. The css will then be automatically regenerated, you will be able to see this in the caching directory.

I did make my changes on style.css (original) then cleared cache as I mentioned (including admin cache) but it didn't display the changes when viewing my site live.

Just checked if you delete this file from the cache then cs-cart will regenerate it. Although checking on my test store using &cc to clear cache does result in the cache css file being regenerated.


The order of joining css is base.css styles.css my_changes/custom_styles.css

Are using my_changes css, if so the change in styles.css may be overridden with change in my_changes css.

As a last resort, you could turn off css join temporarily then check your change works and then turn it back on.

I've tried with css join turned off & on, refreshing admin & browser cache, changes don't display. I don't get it…

I'm probably editing the wrong elements in the stylesheet.

have you got a styles override in skins/your_skin/basic/customer/addons/my_changes

You could check the element in Google Chrome, this will also indicate the css file and matching rules. Also you can try editing the CSS directly in Chrome this may indicate if some other reason is causing the css change to not work.