Where To Download 4.3.6 ? (To Use Store Import..)

I just purchased upgrade, so I can finally go from v2.2.5 to latest version.

I downloaded and installed v4.3.8 in a subdomain, and started configuring it.

Now it is time to use the Store Import add on.

I found it here:

but as I try to install it, it says I have to be on v4.3.6

But where can I find v4.3.6 ??

My file area only shows v4.3.8

And how do I downgrade to v4.3.6 now ?
Do I have to remove all and start all over agin once I get access to v4.3.6 ?

Only to use the Store Import add-on and then upgrade to v4.3.8 ..

I am very confused right now....

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Hi WebWatch

here you go http://ez-cart.com/cscart_v4.3.6.zip

The way to do it is here http://forum.cs-cart.com/topic/45203-how-to-upgrade-from-225-to-latest-version/?view=findpost&p=253203