Where should we place the block from the “Bottom” section?

I say the second/lifted one. In some of the skins it would make the footer huge and not look right with the first one.

I am against putting it within the footer for two reasons:

  1. Product Detail pages will be displayed over multiple TPLs
  2. Customers/Designers will find it difficult to adequately design their footers (ie open divs and the like in description) and impact upon the object.

    I suggest as part of the product details page (central content) with ability to overlap where required/selected.

    [Don’t expect this to be simple, but you asked for it :P]

[quote name=‘angel’]Thanks for your replies. I completely agree with you. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, it is not quite clear to us what you mean. What exactly should be overlapped?[/quote]

Currently, if the block is contained within the central content (550px width?) it is set at fixed width to appear in-between side-boxes. If you have the ability to stretch then it should change width to approximately 960px?

[quote name=‘angel’]Unfortunately, it seems impossible to do this with the current layout :([/quote]

I don’t believe it to be that important either :slight_smile: