Where Is "saved Search" Entries Stored?

Hello I am using CScart 4.2.4 on localhost

In the admin menu in some screens like orders.manage, products.manage, profiles.manage, there is a Saved Searches menu on the upper right side. I wish to know where the data is saved.

So far all I have found out is that there is a saved_search.tpl file in design/backend/templates/common

and .tygh.saved_search.tpl.php in var/cache/templates/backend with this line

tpl_vars['s_id'] = new Smarty_variable(sprintf("saved_searches_%s",fn_crc32($_smarty_tpl->tpl_vars['dispatch']->value)), null, 0);?>

but I don't understand how these things work? Any help is appreciated thank you!

Nevermind I've found it, In case someone looks for this in the future it is stored on the cscart_views table.