Where Is My Software I Paid For!

Bought and paid for the cart early this morning, recieved payment receipt, confimation and acceptance! Emailed 3 times via support tickets and 1 through contact form… WHERE is my software i paid for!

Unfortunately, it takes a few hours for them to post the files. They’re over in Russia somewhere and there’s always a time lag. They got to mine pretty fast though. I think processing orders is the first order of business when they come in in the morning.

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Well thank you! I hop[e this is the cart i have been looking for!

But i paid early this morning… Pretty bad service if u ask me

they are 8 hours ahead of eastern time…

plus they have to verify the payment and make sure it clears. any idea how many ppl use paypal, then if the got the software with a few hours would then turn around and pull their funds, leaving cs empty handed?

Its worth the wait.

i already got a verified and cleared message recieved like 3-4 of them

Just be patient… It’s worth the wait. I understand where you are coming from though, I was expecting to get the software immediatly to play around with. I even set aside a whole day to play with it but ended up wasting it! I guess it would be nice if they stated that it’ll take a bit of time somewhere (not sure if they do anywhere already though!)


We tested out and tried the trial version and built our entire store with the trial version and it worked great, when we purchased a license we just used the skin files from the trial version with no problems, CS Rocks !!!

im in the same boat, i had the day set aside to get going with this, i have been through 2 other store templates and they have not fulfilled what i needed and i was hoping cs would. i spent hours the other night going through the demo and was very impressed, i bought it this morning and was hoping to get going today. its friday, do i have to wait untill tuesday!?!?!, monday is memorial day! i really hope it is worth it.

also…the free trial page is down, is there any way to get there, i was wondering if i could work in that and then just enter the licence like some other programs do,

one more question, how do you upload from excel? if i do have to wait :evil: , i could just get the data entered in excel and just upload it when it comes.

thanks alot


okay now i downloaded the software, but i paid for them to install it, i had no idea they were so far ahead in time zone, at the time im posting this i think its about 7pm there so , now what, i would really like to get started on my site. i am not familliar with the kind of upload to my server these files need but im willing to try , but if i succeed and they upload then what?

any ideas someone?



There are installation instructions in the package - also in the manual I believe. You should be able to set it up alright though.

You will need to create a mysql database using something like phpmyadmin and have ftp access to your webspace. Your hosting provider should be able to help you with this.

I cannot provide much more info as I don’t know your exact setup.

I wish you luck!



yes there is an istallation ifo in the pdf that comes with it, it tells me i need a .tar program. i have no idea about that. i did pay for them to install the program and my sql is set up. i was going to try and install it myself, because the wizard looks great to help me thorough the rest. but if i succeded in istalling it, and they install it as well, then what, i would really like to get started.

thanks alot


The software download from the file area of your helpdesk is the .tar file they are reffering to… If you have winzip you can decompress it and start there.

[quote name=‘recedo’]The software download from the file area of your helpdesk is the .tar file they are reffering to… If you have winzip you can decompress it and start there.[/QUOTE]

yes, i noticed the .tar ,

i have it downloaded on my computer, not on the server yet, wasnt sure about that, i have it unziped on my machine but also have the original zipped file, should i put it on the server or wait for them? they are way ahead of us in time and its sat afternoon here and im not sure when they will get to it? do you have any ideas??? i would really like to get going on this.

on my web host i can only upload files not whole folderd, i could always contact them about that and see if they can help me