Where Is Gone Product Filter Variants Count ?

hi where can i add variant counts on product filters ?

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hi where can i add variant counts on product filters ?


This feature was a part of the CS-Cart speed optimization and was removed since 4.3.1

too bad.

Actually I think this feature is a must have one. Hope cs-cart can bring it back as an option.

Totally agree

We do agree too. That feature must come back. Looking forward to see it again.

if cs-cart faster more than. they will leave using php coding. and they will give just html 1+10 :)

Why are CS-Cart removing useful features to improve speed performance? Removing this feature would not make a vast difference and a lot of clients want this feature, it is a very common aspect of filters and helps the customer.

Having a super fast site is good, but things like this is CS-Cart trying to out perform other platforms rather than making a full featured platform. Most speed improvements in CS-Cart can be done by simply sorting your SQL queries and database tables than removing features.

I have had this requested multiple times recently, I simply don't get why this was removed at all. So you may have saved 0.0004ms off load time for category pages, but its not worth it. If someone visits the site from 100miles away from someone else, the difference in load time would be bigger than the gain you've made from removing this very useful feature.

anyway the get back filter variants count ?