Where do the csv files go after import?

I have a feeling that my image uploader is not acting correctly because I uploaded some products with the Detailed Image column, but nothing in any of the fields. I am trying to upload photos to those products now, and only the broken link image shows. I can still upload photos to products that were not uploaded like this, so it has to be the csv files. I believe that I need to delete those and upload new ones without a Detailed Image column. If anyone can tell me what folder those files go into, that will save me days of going through the files by hand.

If anyone can tell me what else would cause some images to upload and not others, that would be great. I am really struggling to find the problem here. Maybe emptying the database completely? Anything will help so I can continue filling my store with inventory. Otherwise, I will have to delete everything and start over, again. I have to have images. Thank you.

The CSV files are a run once kind of thing. Once the import is done, the cart doesn't do anything with the CSV files ever again.

Did you upload the images by importing the images or through the product import? Did your column for the detailed image have a header, but no content?

How are you trying to upload images now? Are you just trying to use the “local” uploader on the “popup” image thing?

It could also be a permissions thing with your files/folders. Have you checked that yet? Have you tried replacing an image that already exists? Like one of your products that works fine, have you tried swapping out an image?

Those are just my thoughts off of the top of my head.