Where Did The Database 'maintenance' Tab Go In 4.3.1 ?


It was so handy to click on 'maintenance' to check the database for bloat.

I could then clear cache and clean logs.

Now I am blind.

Go to cs cart knowledge base and search for optimize database. The knowledge base is always a good place to start.

It can be found in the drop down on the Backup/Restore page

What I mean is the old 'Maintenance' tab that would display the current size

of the database. There is nothing like that any more.

There is no way I can find that displays the database size ( apart

from creating a backup ).

I just saw this…


in place of my post…weird.

The database size is displayed under this dropdown


Database size is nowhere to be found on my site. Maybe it is in 4.3.2

You are right. I do not see it on 4.3.1. Good chance to upgrade :)