Where did checkout step 2, Billing & Shipping Address go?

I'm running two storefronts off a single CS Cart install and one of the stores isn't showing the “Billing & Shipping Address” section on the checkout page. The other storefront does show this section and I've checked to make sure the settings are the same between the storefronts to see if I missed something.

There also seems to be a related issue on the storefront where the “Billing & Shipping Address” section is missing; if I choose “guest” checkout, then click continue in the “Shipping Options” block it kicks me back up to step 1, “Please sign in.”

Storefront #1 (Singletracks):

Storefront #2: Tripleblaze (no address block)

Bump. There has to be a simple solution here… some checkbox to toggle, some setting in the dashboard to require a billing & shipping address at checkout. So frustrating…

Try going to Customers | Profile Fields and verify you have check marks for the Shipping and Billing Fields under the Checkout Show/Required boxes.

Aha, you nailed it! So that whole page is blank and there's no + to add any fields. If I toggle to “All Stores” then edit an individual field I do get the share tab where I see I can add storefront #2.

Is there a faster way to do this or will I need to share each field one at a time? Thanks!