Where can i find the code of the banners in my site?

Hi ,

in the main banner section, there is a carousel setting for my banner, if i wanted to edit it, where in the FTP is it located ? as the width is too large and causing a problem on my site.

any help will be greatly appreciated

thank you

Hi @limbomania,

What do you wish to modify?

file is situated here skins/[SKIN_NAME]/customer/addons/banners/blocks/carousel.tpl [3.x pro]


hi there,

i wish to modify the width of the banner, as its too wide and causing a display issue on firefox.

ive checked the “carousel.tpl” file but doesnt have any width px in it.

Hello limbomania!

Banner size depends on the image size which you use for a banner. Try to make your banner images smaller and it will fit better.

Best regards, Alt-team