Where and how to modify skin

V 3.0.3

OK so this is how I modified the skin - is this correct ?

  1. Copied the basic skin to my new skin in var/skins_repositry and then install this skin in design > skin selector and changed the manifest.ini with my new skin name before installing
  2. Modified base and styles css files and changed some image files in skins/myskin/customer/images
  3. Added some addins to skins/myskin/customer/addons
  4. Moved some blocks around, created some newblocks, created some menus, created some banners

    All seems to be working OK.

    BUT now I want to back everything up, particularly my changes so I can use elsewhere or as a backup for this site in case I break something and want to go back to this working version.

    I am a bit confused about what to backup.

    Is everything held in the skins/myskin/ directory so I just need to save that somewhere.

    What about the var/skins_repositry version - do I need to move my modified version and overright the version in var ?