Where am I suposed to post?


I’m still using the sp4 version.Since the forum “1x” remains semi-closed,i’m not sure where i’m suposed to post my questions.And i fell unconfortable to post “1x” because looks like people is not going there so offen.In the end i find my self posting only in the “general questions” forum,wich i think is not very good because i’m not posting in the specific forum.What would be the solution,use my credits for support to answer my questions?(if is that the case, is not a problem,since my client is up to buy support tickets!:stuck_out_tongue: )

Please take a look at the very bottom of this forum.

Maybe the forum admin can set the Version 1.x subforums to display as they do in other parts of the forum. I think that may be one reason that people are not going there. Clearly though, momentum seems to be shifting quickly to v2.


i don’t know what to say…:rolleyes:

[quote name=‘gabrieluk’]i don’t know what to say…:rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

I hope you didn’t think I was being flippant in my response.

I know that not everyone can move forward to v2 immediately and, hopefully, the community can still provide some coverage for 1.3.5-sp4. But I am sure you understand that as many of us move forward, previous versions just become a blur in our rearview mirror.

I did send a message to ETInteractive asking if there was some way to give the Version 1.x forums some more prominence. As it is now, they are all but invisible.


[quote name=‘jobosales’]I hope you didn’t think I was being flippant


I don’t think this.I just don’t know what to say(or to do) as a customer:p