When will Store Manager be fixed?

It appears that many users are very frustrated with not being able to upgrade or have crashed their site. I would assume CS-Cart developers would want to correct this ASAP or provide some feedback as to when this will actually work. It’s difficult to purchase new versions in the future when the confidence is so low. Upgrades are revenue producing for cs-cart, right?

I just purchased the product 4 weeks ago on sp3 and have no mod, or anything altered and it doesn’t work. I need the fixes sp4 offers. But, I have no confidence in upgrading and ruining my site as many others have already experienced. Love the product but, losing confidence in upgrade path.

Does anyone know what the plan is for store manager? Is anyone working on a fix?

Well don’t hold your breath is all I can say. They have only tried to fix it once since it’s inception and that was a year or two ago.

If you don’t have any mods then manually upgrading shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Yes, I think most people can do the manual update, but when there is problem, we just don’t know how to fix it.