when Search results return one

Does anyone know how I can automatically make the search results page forward to the one results page.

When a customer searches and only one result is returned it would make much more sense to send them

directly to that result page.

Is there any simple way I can accomplish this or a hack anyone is willing share?

In my opinion this would be rather confusing, unless your search results are 100% accurate.

Say I put a keyword into the search expecting to find Product A but the result took me straight to Product B - that would be confusing and would lead me to believe the search sucks and either won't bother looking at your site anymore, or try navigate through the categories, which not everyone is going to do (most will just leave the site altogether).

I think a better way of handling this would be to have a message show on the page IF there is only one search result, saying something to the effect that 'Your search only found 1 result, try broaden your search phrase/keywords for more results'.