When importing products....stops halfway?

Im having this really strange problem. I have almost 2,000 parts to be imported. I have tried two different times. The first time it stopped around the 600th part and now the second time it stops 1300th.

The funny thing is that all the descriptions show up no problem even though it wasnt done importing. All of the images are in the images folder. What else could it be? Im lost… :frowning:

i think its a file size issue . I’ve seen it mentioned here before and i get it on my site. don’t know what the official answer is but i split the file using a program called csvsplitter which can be found here [url]http://www.fxfisherman.com/forex/downloads/[/url] . to use it browse for the file, put a line cont of maybe 500 and click start. it will put the split files in a subfolder and it automaticly puts the header on each one. all you have to do is upload thosesmaller files rather than the big one.

mine seemed to import as well but i did find missing data so it might be worth redoing it just in case it has lost some information.

That seemed to be the problem. I appreciate your help!