When a script that automates deliver won't deliver itself...

After purchasing and using nearly every other option out there I decided to bite the bullet and buy cs-cart. My assumption (silly me) was that a script that promoted automated digital goods delivery (the only type of good I am selling) would automate the deliver of itself to me.

In my account on the helpdesk it showed paid immediately. That was 5 hours ago. My files area still shows no script in site. Been waiting hours for a support response.

Am I missing something here? Is there a way to expedite this process, because I have a time sensitive product release I’d like to use this script for.

unfortunatley there is a wait for this. i too and others as well had to endure the wait, i bouth this on a friday night and since they are located in Russia and closed on weekends. i had to suffer untill monday. depending on where you are located, you will have to wait untill thier next day. but it is worth the wait!!

It’s a bit of a pain, they check each order for fraud etc., however it is worth the wait and for the price you can’t complain.

Please take into account the time differences when requesting support - the support time is shown on the helpdesk.

You have bought a great product so don’t worry about that, just sit back and relax knowing that you have probably the best current cart solution around on it’s way!